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HDR students

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PhD - Australia


2020 – current              Zoe Kissane (Murdoch University). Integrating ecotoxicology and movement ecology in breeding populations of                                              Carnaby’s cockatoo ecology in agricultural landscapes (Principal Supervisor; co-supervisor: Prof. Kristin Warren).

2020 – current              Molly Spaulding (Murdoch University). Movement ecology, energetics and age structures of three species of black                                          cockatoo in southwest Western Australia using GPS telemetry, accelerometry and telomere aging (Principal                                                        Supervisor; co-supervisor: Prof. Kristin Warren).

2017 – current              Janine Kuehs (Murdoch University). Movement ecology and behaviour of the southern brown bandicoot in urban                                            areas (Co-supervisors: Prof. Trish Fleming, Dr Amanda Kristancic)

2017 – current              John-Michael Stuart (Murdoch University). Movement ecology, diet and population dynamics of a red fox (Vulpes                                          vulpes) population adjacent to a major flatback turtle rookery in the Pilbara, Western Australia (Co-supervisors:                                                Prof. Trish Fleming).

2016 – current              Karen Riley (Murdoch University). Conservation, Management and Ecophysiology in southwest Western Australia’s                                          black cockatoo’s (Co-supervisors: Prof. Kristin Warren, Dr Bethany Jackson).

2016 – current              Simon Cherriman (Murdoch University). Landscape utilisation in mesic and arid habitats by wedgetailed eagles                                              revealed through GPS tracking: implications for conservation management and Science Communication (Co-                                                    supervisors: Prof. Trish Fleming, Prof. Penny Olsen – ANU).

2013 – current              Dr Lian Yeap (Murdoch University). Landscape scale impacts on health and persistence of three endangered Black                                          Cockatoo species in southwest Western Australia, a global biodiversity hotspot. (Co-supervisors: Prof. Kristin                                                    Warren, Dr Carly Holyoake – Murdoch University).


PhD – International


2009 - 2011                   Katya Wolfram (University of Antwerp, Belgium). The genetics of mate choice & patterns of adaptive variation in                                            the European Black Vulture relevant to conservation management at the whole species scale (Aegypius monachus)                                         (Co-supervisors: Dr P Galbusera - RZSA, Belgium; Prof. Erik Matthysen - University of Antwerp). Suspended.

M. Phil - Australia

2019 – current              Andrew Morton (Australian Wildlife Conservancy | Murdoch University). Feral pig control and research in the                                                  Kimberley. (Co-supervisors: Prof. Trish Fleming, Dr Halina Kobryn – Murdoch University).    




2015 – 2019   Sam Rycken – PhD - Murdoch University. Human wildlife conflict in urban and rural ecology: defining a mutually beneficial                           approach to conservation management in black cockatoos (Principal Supervisor; co-supervisor Prof. K. Warren).

2013 – 2018   Aurelie Labbe - PhD - Murdoch University. Effects of age on reproduction and chick rearing in bridled terns (Onychoprion                            anaethetus) at Penguin Island, Western Australia. (Principal Supervisor, co-supervisors Dr James Dunlop – WACC, Dr Mike                              Van Keulen – Murdoch Uni).



2011                   Sam Rycken – Research Masters – Changes in migration phenology in the European White Stork Ciconia ciconia – A study                              using long-term satellite tracking data. (Thesis – Writtle College/University of Essex, UK; University of Applied Sciences-                                    Has Den Bosch,  The Netherlands).

2009 – 2010      Matthias Papies – Research Masters - Breeding success in a reintroduced population of European White Stork Ciconia  c                              ciconia modelled with respect to environmental factors (Thesis – Wageningen University, The Netherlands).

2014                   Shannon Clohessy – Masters (Coursework) - An analysis of dietary breadth and foraging habitat among West Australian                                island populations of the White - bellied Sea Eagle (Thesis -Murdoch University).



2018 – 2019    Zoe Kissane Honours 1st Class - Murdoch University. Conservation impact of black swan foraging ecology on the Vasse                                 Wonnerup wetlands: a system subject to water flow regulation (Co-supervisor: Dr Jane Chambers – Murdoch University).

2013                Robyn Pryor – Honours 1st Class - Murdoch University. A Novel System for Detecting Toxin Levels in Avian Species: Gulls                               on Penguin Island (WA), a Test Case. (Principal supervisor, co-supervisor Associate Professor Robert Trengove - Murdoch                               University).

2012 – 2014   Stuart Venables  – Murdoch University. Is a secondary colonisation route into Australia driving low-level genetic structure                             in the iconic Australian raptor species, the White-bellied Sea Eagle Haliaeetus leucogaster? (Principal supervisor, co-                                         supervisor Dr Jennie Chaplin – Murdoch University.

Undergraduate Independent Study Contract


2015      Zoe Kissane – Undergraduate Independent Study Contract – Murdoch University. Flying under the radar: the rise of                                       organophosphates and new opportunities for biosentinal early warning studies.  (Published: Kissane & Shephard (2017)                                 Conservation Biology. doi:10.1111/cobi.12955).

2012      Charlotte Rowley - Independent Study Contract - Murdoch University - Epigenetics in captive breeding programmes:                                     implications for inbreeding depression.

Professional Bachelor (Belgium – equivalent to Honours Year in Australia)


2009       Liesbeth Verboven – Professional Bachelor – Genotyping in the European White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) and the optimisation of                  Multilplex PCR – PART II (Professionele Bachelor in de Chemie – Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Katholielke Hogeschool Antwerpen,                  Belgium).

2008       Yasmina Ahkandhaf – Professional Bachelor - Genotyping in the European White Stork (Ciconia ciconia) and the optimisation                     of  Multilplex PCR – PART I (Professionele Bachelor in de Chemie – Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Katholielke Hogeschool                                     Antwerpen, Belgium).

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