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  • Project Design| Management

  • Field Surveys

  • Data Collection and Curation (SQL, Access, Excel, R)

  • Data Analysis  and Visualisation

  • R, RMarkdown and GIS

  • Training

  • Telemetry methods and innovative tracking methodologies and design

  • Applied Genetic methodologies

  • Ecotoxicology studies

Current Projects

  • Tracking the movement of an invasive cockatoo, the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo in Western Australia. Design of appropriate telemetry tag attachment and implementation of GPS tracking studies for the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development WA.

  • Potential Impact of Lighting Upgrade at Harold Rossiter Park on Night Roost Quality of Carnaby’s Cockatoo and Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoos – Monitoring Program 2023-2025. For Town of Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia. 

Key Past Projects

  • Potential Impacts of increasing floodlight level at Harold Rossiter Park and Kensington Bushland - Preliminary Literature Review. Desktop Literature review for the Town Of Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia. Aimed at wildlife with a specific emphasis on black cockatoos 


  • Better offsets for Western Australia’s black-cockatoos. NESP Threatened Species Recovery Project 5.1. Research findings factsheet, Brisbane.

  • Potential role of the Forest Product Commission’s Midwest pine plantations as a food resource for Carnaby’s cockatoo: a concept study using GPS and satellite tag data. A report for the Forest Products Commission. 

  • Conservation management of forest red-tailed black cockatoos associated with the Maddington-Kenwick Strategic Employment Area Precinct 3 (MKSEAP3) industrial development. A report for MKSEA Pty. Ltd.   

  • Tracking Foraging Patterns in Sooty Terns and Common Noddies off Mid-Western Western Australia. pp 16-19 In Dunlop J.N. and Shephard J.M. Sentinel Seabirds: A Guide to Using Marine Birds to Monitor Ecosystems in Western Australia. Northern Agricultural Catchment Council Geraldton. 

  • Karara Endangered Species Research Centre (KESRC) - Management Plan – Conservation Medicine Research Group, Murdoch University. Prepared for Karara Iron Ore Mine.

  • Lake Eyre Basin Rivers Assessment Methodology – Conceptual Models (CD-Rom)., Centre for Riverine Landscapes, Griffith University.

  • Ma’aden Aluminium Project – Environmental Impact Assessment.  Gutteridge, Haskin & Davies Pty Ltd (GHD) - editorial oversight.

  • The Response to Disturbance, Threatening Processes and Recovery Planning for Forest Taxa in South-East Queensland. 1998. Queensland Department of Environment.

  • South Coast Motorway (Northern Section) - Environmental Impact Assessment. 1995  Kinhill Cameron and McNamara. Prepared for Queensland Transport.

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